Quickest Ways to Immigrate to Canada

What is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada? There are several ways to immigrate to Canada; including, Express Entry, Spillover, and selected points within the CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) program. Express Entry is recognized by the United States Immigration authorities as one of the easiest and most efficient methods to immigrate to Canada, processing visa applications within a record time of six to eight weeks! If you are in the country under permanent residence or have an Immigration spousal support, you may be eligible for a Canadian citizenship certificate.

Applications for immigration programs to Canada can take between six to ten months to process depending on the type of application filed and your current location. Express Entry and Spillover options are amongst the fastest and most convenient ways of arriving in Canada. Within sixty days, you can apply for either option and if granted approval, you will be able to begin the application process. You must follow all processes and requirements, including mandatory employment screening, until you are removed from the country.

If you choose to go with express entry, you will be put in an electronic system that matches you with available jobs in Canada. When you are searching for a job in Canada, you will have to register with the ESDC (English Social Development Canada) database. Once registered, you will need to undergo a prescreening. Prescreening helps organizations like the Canadian Human Resource Management Corporation and the Federal Economic Development Agency pick the right candidates for jobs in Canada. This system also allows for the temporary placement of workers who have permanent resident status in Canada.

Job offers are another way of getting permanent residence in Canada. If you choose to apply through the Express Entry, you will first select a job offer from the Canadian employers pool. When you select a job offer, you will be sent details on available jobs in Canada. You can then apply to those companies and wait to receive a reply. If you receive a reply within the required timeframe, you will be accepted and given an application number.

The last and one of the easiest ways of getting permanent residency in Canada is to make use of the provincial nominee programs. Presently, there are fifty-two provinces in Canada. Some of these provinces participate in the federal government’s Express Entry system. Others do not. If you are eligible for a job offer in one of these provinces, you will be sent information on available positions from the provincial nominee programs.

Permanent Residence in Canada can be obtained through one of the above options or by obtaining sponsorship from the Government of Canada. The Federal government gives special consideration to candidates who have a Sponsorship Agreement in place with them. The most common way of getting a Sponsorship Agreement is to get sponsored by a family member or spouse. Sponsorship agreements with other family members are also acceptable if you have children that you want to include in the country. If you have sponsors in place that are not Canadian citizens, sponsorship is the easiest and quickest way of getting permanent resident status in Canada.

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