How to Get a Canada Immigration Lawyer

As an immigrant, you need to find out more about the many options available for you as you plan to immigrate to Canada. For this, you will need to visit your local Canadian immigration office and speak with one of their experts. This is an opportunity to learn how to get a Canada immigration lawyer and get some tips on what you should expect when meeting with an immigration lawyer.

The first thing you must do when meeting with an immigration lawyer is fill out your immigration application. This is mandatory. It is also advisable that you note the names and addresses of every person accompanying you when filing your application. You must remember to provide information regarding employment, education, and any criminal record you may have. It is important to list all of your financial resources including retirement funds, loans, stocks, property, or other assets you own. When meeting with a Canada immigration lawyer, you must list all of your family members also.

The second thing you must do when meeting with a Canadian immigration lawyer is list all of your past addresses, work history and job titles. This will help the immigration authorities know exactly where you are as they prepare your visa once you arrive in Canada. It is best to list all your contact information along with any previous addresses, work history, and qualifications. As well, it is good to list any membership organizations or trade groups you belong to. These are all information that can help your visa application from Canada be approved quicker.

The third thing you must do when meeting with a Canadian immigration lawyer is to provide detailed information about your personal and work history. You must tell them everything about your past, including work and education accomplishments. You must also state clearly which countries you have lived in and what your status in those countries is. While living in another country may have qualified you for an immigrant visa, if you have lived there for more than three years, then you will not eligible to apply for immigration under the current rules.

The fourth thing you should do when meeting with an immigration lawyer is to supply them with a list of any members of your immediate family that you want to include on your visa. You must not leave any parent out because your spouse would qualify for the child support payment. When meeting with an immigration lawyer, you must make sure that you also provide them with copies of your birth and death certificates. It is important for you to state clearly whether or not you have ever been convicted of a crime, felony or misdemeanor. If you have been convicted of a crime in Canada, then you will have to obtain a Criminal Record Check before you are approved to live in the country.

The fifth and final thing you should do when meeting with an immigration lawyer is to provide documentation proving your identity. To obtain proof of identity, you must provide two forms of identification: one Canadian passport and a United States passport. Some immigration judges require the applicants to present a Canadian passport along with the application. If your request for an immigrant visa is denied, then you can meet with an immigration lawyer again in order to make sure that you have presented all the necessary requirements.

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