Flight Attendant Jobs in Canada

Here are some helpful tips that will help you prepare for your new role as a flight attendant in Canada.

– The training program for a flight attendant consists of both classroom and practical training. The exact number of hours of training varies from one employer to another. It mostly depends on the employer’s policy and the needs of their employees. Most employers prefer to hire candidates with at least 2 years of training and experience in flight attendant positions. Some companies may also require candidates to have cleared their relevant examinations.

– The skills and requirements of a flight attendant are diverse. A candidate can expect to take up duties such as greeting passengers, conducting checks on passengers and their luggage, securing beds and seat belts of passengers, calling telephone numbers, distributing meals, cleaning the cabin, and changing bedding. As a flight attendant, you should be able to know how to use equipment and perform basic tasks related to their usage. Your job requires physical and mental strength as well as good communication skills. Candidates who posses these qualities are often selected as attendants.

– There are a number of airlines operating in Canada. They tend to hire the services of Canadian flight attendants through independent recruitment agencies. Such agencies provide the necessary training to candidates in terms of their training and development programs. These agencies also conduct a criminal background check on all candidates before they are hired.

– When do you need to start the recruitment process? Candidates who want to pursue a career in flight attendant should start looking for job opportunities as soon as possible. The Canadian airline industry is highly competitive. This is especially so during peak seasons. You must demonstrate your best skills and requirements of a flight attendant by preparing to undergo formal training. Candidates should make it a point to review their resume regularly to ensure that it contains all the information that is needed.

It is advisable to apply to various airlines before you start the formal application process. Once you have been accepted into a particular airline program, you should continue to update yourself with any changes or developments in the job market. While Canadian airlines are particular about training and licensing, other airlines are more flexible regarding licensing requirements. The more knowledge and experience a candidate has gained in the field, the easier it will be for them to crack open the door of the airline industry.

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